Terms and Conditions

  • No dogs are allowed on the campsite
  • All campfires must be put out by campers before 11pm
  • Only fire-pits rented from us are to be used
  • No music or noise after 11pm
  • No nighttime car movements between 11pm & 6.30am
  • Drive slowly – 5mph limit on the campsite and by the entrance
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times
  • Only customers of the campsite are permitted onsite

Please Note:

  • Booking is exclusive to respectable campers. By respectable we mean the ability to respect your fellow campers and your environment. We reserve the right of admission.
  • In our experience lack of respect for fellow campers is almost always associated with the mismanagement of alcohol. If heavy consumption is a part of your camping ideal – please do not book with us.
  • We are a family site that aims to provide a safe camping environment for all. You will understand this is an open area in the countryside with changeable weather and that, by it’s very nature, has various risks such as slips.
  • As we want everyone to enjoy their stay, it is an important condition that any visitor to our site must not excessively disturb or have a negative impact on the enjoyment of other campers.
  • If any of our terms are not adhered to, you may be asked to leave the campsite.

Reasons for not allowing dogs on site:

Unfortunately, due to irresponsible dog owners & a number of major incidents we will no longer be allowing dogs on site from 2018 onwards. We have had a large amount of complaints from both other campers and various neighbours and therefore need to make this change. We apologise to all campers who have been affected by this change but unfortunately it needs to happen. Many campers who have booked with us this year are leaving their dogs with friends & family or in kennels. Also, many people have mentioned they are pleased with the new rule changes, including people who have dogs!

The following information details the full reasons we have had to not allow dogs anymore.

On Site

We’ve had various incidents in 2017 including dog fights, children and adults slipping in dog poop because people are ignoring our signage and letting dogs run around without their leads on and numerous attempts to get them to follow the rules have not been followed. On a weekly basis we are having debates with campers who will not follow our rules even when they are standing right in front of the dog rules signs! We have had dogs running around and peeing & pooping besides other peoples tents and this has led to weekly complaints from campers. Campers are therefore blaming campsite management for the irresponsible dog owners – therefore we are left in a difficult position. Regrettably, this change effects the well-behaved dogs and owners and we are sorry for that.

Off Site

We’ve had complaints from various neighbours about dogs from across the river, besides the left hand side hedge (as you look at the river), by the track and along the top main road regarding various issues including barking & dog poop etc. After various complaints by phone directed at my elderly parents and myself, I had a long one and a half hour meeting with a directly effected elderly neighbour & his wife. They went through their various issues with dogs and we decided the only outcome was for us to not allow dogs on our site anymore.

My own parents are in their late 60’s and mid-70’s. My Dad has worked on the farm his whole life and wants to keep peace with our neighbours as they live there all year long. My Mum and Dad do not want to be receiving calls about dogs at 7am from neighbours complaining about dogs – as happened this year, along with various other telephone complaints about dogs.

My Mum wants us to not allow dogs anymore to keep peace with the neighbours & various other reasons.

My Dad wants us to not allow dogs to also keep the peace with the neighbours & various other reasons.

We hope that if you know all the facts then you’ll understand why we have come to this decision, even if you don’t agree with it. We apologise to all the people who this effects and who have enjoyed staying with us over the years. As a reminder – we are not stopping people from visiting, only dogs.

We believe that these changes will make a safer & cleaner campsite for our customers, an easier time for our cattle and keep the peace with our neighbours. Many people who have booked with us this year have remarked that they are pleased with the new rules and that includes people who own dogs.

If you or any of your group require nearby kennels try the following: